Jared i.Greene
multimedia portfolio

Writing Samples

It started with a desire to spread my ideas, which lead to a degree in Print Communications. An ever-wandering lust of the digital realm has led me to my work being published in both print and digital magazines. My articles mainly cover adventure-sports, however I also write creative prose and poetry.

Web Dev

Web development started as a hobby for me. I started my first website in highschool and continued from there. I continue to expand my knowledge and skills every day in fields like app development, responsive layouts with mobile support, JavaScript, AJAX, animations, SEO, CMS usage, dynamic pages, and analytics.


SLR in hand at age 11, exhibits by 22. My work covers a variety of conceptual abstracts, landscapes, action shots, and portraits. I worked as a professional photographer for four years with photos focusing on decaying human structures and lanscapes, taking place in the U.S., Scotland, and Australia.


Focusing on adventure-sport video, I have all-encompassing production experience in commercial and creative filming, editing, and audio manipulation.

Graphic Design

From front-end web design, to advertisements for the hottest musicians on radio. As an Art Director, I also create the Pro.QB magazine. My designs are based off the artistic compositions learned from photography.

3D Modeling, Animation and Game Design

3D modeling and animation started as a personal interest in making extensive modifcations to the PC game Battlefield 1942. Coding the game was the foundation, but learning 3D modeling and animation truely put players inside my imagination.